What is NYP World?

NYP World is New York Pilates’ digital studio for highly targeted, results-driven On Demand and classes. Digital Pilates for Physical Peoples! 

I’m sold! Where do I sign up? 

Sign up for our digital membership here. All of our memberships are subscription based so set it and forget it - they’ll renew automatically each month.

Ok I’m in. There’s so many options! Which class should I take? 

Don’t panic! We’ve got all the options.

To get started, select from any one of our MIXES for a pre-set 60, 35, or 20 minute workout designed for maximum results by Heather Andersen, or choose your own adventure by mixing and matching any of the videos tagged ABS, ARMS, ASS, or STRETCH. 

NYP World workouts range between 5-15 minutes each and are designed to be mixed and matched so you never have to do the same workout twice, unless you want to ;)

Turn on, tune in, work out. Stream from your desktop, TV, or phone - NYP World is right where you want it.

What can I expect from each workout? 

The NYP Method is a series of highly targeted exercises that strengthen and tone your specific local and global muscles. Whether you’re using a pre-set playlist or going à la carte, you’ll leave with a deep full body workout that teaches you anatomy, healthy movement, and reduces your risk of injury all while sculpting the best body of your life.

I’m short on time! 

Don’t sweat it. But actually, do. Heather Andersen recommends squeezing in a single 15-minute series once daily and we guarantee you’ll feel the burn. These workouts are designed to be highly targeted and work to sculpt the body from within.

I’m new to Pilates. Is NYP World right for me? 

NYP World is great for beginners! Check out our Skillz page for breakdowns of each move prior to your first workout. Modifications are offered throughout each workout to increase or tone down the challenge depending on your experience level.

How often are new workouts added to the on-demand library? 

Workout Remixes are updated on the first of every month with all new content being added every 6 weeks. 

Where is NYP World available? Internationally?

NYP World is available worldwide! On Demand videos are currently available with Spanish and Portuguese subtitles. Complete subtitle and voiceover library coming soon..

What is the pricing for NYP World?

NYP WORLD is a subscription based service with memberships starting at $30/month for access to hundreds of workouts and remixes on demand. Become a member now here.

I have an existing NYP Membership/Class Pack. Does that apply to NYP World?

NYP World packages function separately from traditional New York Pilates classes, packages, and memberships. Annual Members may apply their IRL package towards NYP World by live chatting us here

I’m pregnant! Are these workouts safe for me?

Prenatal approved workouts are marked in the workout description or you can check out our pregnancy safe workouts here. <3 

How do I cancel?

We hate to see you go but you can cancel your membership anytime in the Account tab (Account > Billing > Change Plan > Cancel Membership).

I read through all your FAQ's but I still have a question. Is there somewhere I can contact you?

Live chat us here! Or contact us by phone (646) 403-3271

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